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Our Story

Our story is simple. Our vision is to produce real, local, handcrafted leather goods. We believe our products are made for your life. Made to be genuine, authentic, everlasting. Made to give you the courage you need to live free. Live confidently.

Live Unbounded. 

Center for

Transforming Lives

For the months of January - December we’ve partnered with The Center for Transforming Lives, which lifts women with children from poverty to possibility. 20 percent of each journal purchased will go directly to supporting their mission along with the purchase of Reno key fob with the CTL Butterfly. During this season of giving, help us make a change in our community. Together we can make a difference transforming lives.  


As local artisans, we create a product that lasts forever and supports our local community. As a leather company, Fort Worth is the perfect setting given

its rich western 

history. All our products have been hand chosen and crafted for you.  

About us

You choose to be free. To create a voice that can never be bound by limitations or preconceived notions.  Our timeless pieces show your signature mark. Your signature style. Your signature reason to live Unbounded — to

live free.  

Artist Spotlight: Ariel Davis

When Unbounded Leather came to me in an effort to collaborate; I was about to embark on a solo adventure to Paris, France. I wanted to incorporate my experience into the designs I was creating for their artist collaboration series, but also give a nod to Brandon Pederson, who worked with Unbounded before me. He created the honeycomb design, which led me to thinking about pollinators, flowers and gardens.


While I was on my trip, I visited many museums, gardens and galleries; taking hundreds of pictures along the way.


On one of my walks, I learned that Paris has a rooftop bee keeping program on top of many of the most famous landmarks and also tucked away in Paris' gardens; including places I visited like the Musée de Orsay and Luxembourg Gardens.


I took that bit of unusual information I learned as a sign to move forward with the bee concept. I also love that bees are so tiny, yet so important to the world as we know it. They have a sense of purpose, have the freedom to fly and go where they choose.


The other designs are all taken from moments during my trip. The diamond design is from flooring down a hallway at Versailles, and the flowers were some that I saw during one of my walks through a market.

Unbounded Leather, your signature mark.

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